Best Places to Celebrate Christmas In India

Many Christians in India celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ on Christmas Day on December 25 of each year. The celebrations are most noticeable in states where there are many Christians, as the northeastern states, Goa, Kerala, etc. But the people held their enthusiasm in almost all cities of India. Christmas Day is a holiday in India.
Many Christians remember the birth of Jesus Christ, when on Christmas Day, which is on December 25 in the Gregorian calendar is celebrated. His actual birthday remains unconfirmed. Scholars believe that St. Thomas the Apostle brought Christianity to the area that is now India about 52 CE. Currently there are about 24 million Christians in India.
The states with the highest percentages of Christians are:
  • Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland in northwest India
  • Goa, on the west coast
  • Kerala and Tamil Nadu in the south
Christmas symbols in India are:
  • little electricity and oil burners
  • decorations made of banana or mango leaves
  • or artificial pine tree branches and bushes decorated with themed Christmas ornaments home
  • nativity scenes with small clay figures
  • The statues of the actors playing or Santa Claus
How Christmas is celebrated in India? :
Many Christians mark Christmas Day, attending special church services, spending time with family members, wearing new clothes and eating a festive meal. Some families exchange gifts or giving small gifts or sweets to children. They can show small electric lamps or small oil lamps to burn clay and decorate their houses with banana or mango leaves. Some also put a nativity scene with clay figures or a Christmas tree. Christmas trees in India are generally pines imitation or branches of native trees and shrubs. Some shops and malls can put Christmas decorations and have actors playing Santa Claus. Christmas celebrations in the tourist and hotel areas can be created to emulate the way Christmas Day is celebrated in countries where tourists and travelers come.

The best places to celebrate Christmas in India:

Kerala: All streets in Kerala have beautiful Christmas decorations. The churches have a midnight mass, which includes a representation of the scene of the birth of Jesus, carols and more. While the cathedrals and churches come alive with this, the backwaters have their own charm. The relaxed atmosphere of the houseboats infused with the festive air is ideal for the Christmas holidays. Christmas Party is Achappam, bread with molly fish, beef curry and sweet traditional Kerala.

Pondicherry: Pondicherry, India Little France is a beautiful place for a traditional Christmas celebration. The popular Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception Church and Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Jesus should not be missed during the festive season. They have beautiful Christmas decorations and lights and Mass is celebrated in Tamil. Locals are high in energy during Christmas in this beach town and there expectation and excitement in the air. The serene beaches and sumptuous local cuisine other reasons for allows you book one of the Christmas holiday deals for Pondicherry. Enjoy a peaceful celebration as you spend the night on a beach, looking at the endless ocean waves with your loved one.

Lansdowne: Lansdowne is a cantonment town in Pauri Garhwal district in the Indian state of Uttarakhand. Scouting for a place to celebrate Christmas away from the crowd untouched Lansdowne will give much needed break from everyday busy life. Go to this hill station with friends, family or someone special to make your vacation memorable Christmas. Plan your own little celebration in the hills with a bonfire, a little music, nicely decorated and Christmas trees. The serene peaks, pine and oak and crisp mountain air invigorating promise to make everything even more magical.

Shillong: The Cathedral Church in Shillong is one of the oldest in northeastern India and people from around the world come to this city to attend Midnight Mass As part of the celebration before Christmas, fir centenary lights and the priest speaks of the joys of Christmas. The ringing of bells, an affectionate greeting, melodious hymns and high natural Christmas trees add to the party. Do not forget to enjoy music live performance of one of the local bands to visit Shillong during the Christmas holidays.

Mumbai: Christmas is celebrated with much vigor and enthusiasm in Mumbai, a great place to spend your Christmas holidays. While malls and markets are decorated with Christmas trees, artistic decorations and lights, also offer attractive discounts. Among other places, Church Gate, Bandra and Hill Road are illuminated with many fabulous Christmas trees on sidewalks. Mumbai is also a city that loves to party and Christmas is definitely one of the best times to experience this. High energy nightclubs dotting the city Innumerable so there are ample options for you to choose.

Goa: It dresses up the city especially at this time when Christmas comes. Here is considerable influence of Catholicism and Portuguese heritage. The central party starts during Advent and you can feel the warmth of Christmas talking of unity and peace. The whole city is decorated with flowers and lights. By midnight, listening to carols early morning. Also the cabins on beaches and restaurants serving lunch and Christmas dinners with live music. Party all night on beaches like Anjuna, Candolim and Mapusa.

Kolkata: The city of joy becomes brighter and more alive during the Christmas season. The aroma of fruit cake and pastries fill the air and markets become crowded. Although Christmas is not a major celebrations in Kolkata, the city has a little affection attached it. Park Street is a place where the festive atmosphere is extravagant. You can find besides Christians, people of other communities offering prayers and singing carols in midnight mass in churches. In addition, during the holiday season you can take advantage of big discounts on items in the market you can see, what keeps quite busy bazaars in Kolkata. Light and sound show, rock, bright lights music and delicious food makes the atmosphere in the gayest city!

Manali:  Are you dreaming of a white Christmas in India? If so, Manali may be the right place for you. This popular destination of Himachal is perfect for those who want celebrate Christmas amid real snow. Partly snow during the Christmas season in Manali, which gives tourists the opportunity to enjoy skiing and snowball snowman making snow or just pull each other. You can also like live in one of the log cabins that definitely improve the mood of Christmas. However,sure to reserve hotels in advance as many people during December visit Manali.

Bangalore:  Christmas is celebrated with exuberant spirit in Bangalore. The whole city is decked for the season of Advent and places like malls, markets and restaurant starting to offer discounts and special menus respectively.The predominant areas Christians are tastefully decorated. A large number of events are organized in the city in order to make it more exciting and fun Christmas. In churches, including the Basilica of Santa Maria, Church of Christian brotherhood and church Harvest AG also you can attend midnight mass.

Delhi: During the Christmas season, Delhi enjoys and celebrates its entire length and width, with ornate shopping malls, Christian villages bathed in light and bright clubs and lounges throwing theme parties. The popularity of this festival can also be tested with the large crowd regardless of religion in the Church of the Sacred Heart in Connaught Place, in the midnight mass. Even cold weather can not diminish the charm of Christmas warmth that this city has. Delhi is definitely a place in India, where the celebration of Christmas is worth witnessing.

I hope you like this article and you visit one of these places for your Christmas celebration. Happy Christmas and New Year. !!!

Top Honeymoon Destinations for your 2017 List

Recently a friend who just got engaged asked: Whether you've traveled, where do you recommend I go on honeymoon?

Something like marriage and honeymoon are issues that are out of my mind, but as a living traveling much of my time I spend next destinations or discovering unusual places to travel.

So here is my list of the 10 destinations that I recommend for honeymoon, some I have visited other will be for visiting and beaches are mostly because I'm a fan of the sea.

Kyoto, Japan

If beaches are not your choice to spend the honeymoon then you should come between March and April to Kyoto that is when the streets of this city are stained pink by cherry trees. Traveling here will transport you to another time because you can enjoy majestic temples, castles full of history, Geishas walking down the streets and lively markets. In short , a unique destination to share with friends.


Pink sand beaches and landscapes that many describe as paradise on earth. It sounds tempting, right? Seychelles unfortunately is not as cheap as other places but if the ride of your honeymoon I think you can give that luxury because only happens once in life. Seychelles definitely tops my list of places Honeymoon.


Everyone think we've seen pictures of the Maldives or have heard of them, and rightly so, is one of the best places to spend the honeymoon. My recommendation, and that of many other travelers, is that you stay away a little of the big resorts and go to other islands where you will find a more local life and secluded beaches.

Palawan, Philippines

Until a few years this small group of islands was inhabited only by birds and now they have opened gradually to people. They are hidden beaches that are untouched by humans, with clear rivers and beautiful landscapes.

Phi Phi Islands, Thailand

Remember the movie The Beach? For precisely that movie was filmed on one of these islands. White sand beaches, coral reefs, crystal clear water with a calm tide because it is surrounded by mountains. Just what they need to get away from the world and start their new life together.

Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

There are more than 3,000 islands created by the dragons to protect the kingdom from invaders, well, that says the legend. But ultimately a magical place where you can spend the night moored in one of their boats.

Backwaters, India

Continuing the theme of spending nights in boats, Backwaters is a series of channels in southern India. With more than 800-900 kilometers of canals you can walk among them aboard a boat / hotel, it's like time travel in slow motion or stop aboard this boat. Truly a unique experience for the honeymoon.

Palolem, India

If you decide to come to India Honeymoon I guess you've already thought of going to the Taj Mahal but also the previous point can go to this small beach and rent a cabin on the seashore. Just what you need to get away from the bustle of India for a few days.

Perhentian, Malaysia

They are 2 islands with limited access, few cabins, few restaurants, no roads and the only way to get it is in "water taxis" These islands is also a paradise for divers or snorkeling, so this is a destination to test your water and besides being surrounded by jungle skills.


Are 333 islands to choose from and less than a third are inhabited, most of the tourist industry is in its main island, but you can easily go visit the other islands. The main activity in Fiji is diving with sharks, so in addition to having a unique experience you can get your PADI certification for a few dollars.

Costa Rica

A circuit ten days and eight nights in Costa Rica awaits you for deleitarse during your honeymoon. Here more than 40 national parks and ecological reserves waiting to be visited. In addition to numerous volcanoes and beautiful beaches. As for places to visit are listed: San Jose, Tortuguero, Arenal, Manuel Antonio, etc. Enchanting Places!


Country famous for its scenery, culture, gastronomy and people.
The Great Wall of China, the Sacred Way of the thirteen Ming Tombs, the "Bird's Nest" and "Cube of the water"; Xian Temple of Heaven, the "Silk Road", the Mausoleum of the First Emperor of China, the Great Goose Pagoda and Shanghai: the Garden of Mandarin Yu or Yuyuan Garden, the Jade Buddha Temple.

New York and Polynesia

Three nights in New York and six in Polynesia, what do you think? You have the option to do a trip combining two lovely places. On the one hand, the city of Sex in New York and most emblematic of the United States with its skyscrapers and on the other, Polynesia: an earthly paradise where lush vegetation, crystal clear lagoons and vast beaches and cities like Bora Bora or Moorea allow you relax and have fun. Eleven days all inclusive!


Not all couples have the opportunity to travel to a magical place like this. Twelve are the days that you can enjoy in Myanmar, the country of a thousand pagodas and one of the most mysterious and unknown destinations in the world. It is a land of great beauty and charm little influenced by the modern world that will leave an unforgettable memory.

Canada with whales

You may be looking for a different place or activity that will attract attention and enable you to enjoy adventures. Canada whales. All for 1,900 euros per person! It is a ten days and eight nights for lovers of natural beauty and open spaces, the grandeur of nature is an indescribable experience for both.

Safari in Kenya

And for almost 1,700 euros each will be able to travel there where skyscrapers have not yet come to a single ground for everything. It is Kenya. For seven days and five nights the African jungle is your life. Nairobi, Aberdare, Nakuru and Naivasha the lakes, the Maasai, ... all to live a honeymoon most peculiar!

Dubai , United Arab Emirates

If you want luxury, Dubai and its plethora of magnificent hotels is your site. One of the most famous is the Burj Al Arab, shaped like a candle, which has become one of the most famous buildings in the world. With a level of more than excellent service, the hotel has everything you need and more. In addition, you'll see opulence everywhere you look.

Here I have my 10 recommendations for your next honeymoon, if you want something more traditional you can always visit Europe or a Caribbean beach, but ultimately these places make your honeymoon is unique and unforgettable, just as it should be.

Are You Travelling to Pakistan ? If Yes Read This Article.

How to describe Pakistan?

If you want a word, then you need no more than three letters: WOW. India is without the hassles, Nepal, without the crowds. On the other hand is a little more complicated than that, and probably more than any other country on the planet, your opinion will depend on what part (s) see. While "wow" is certainly the impression most will visit northern areas, others could be forgiven for thinking a few four - letter words after making trips to the south of the country where the journey is very different.

Wagah Border

The main attractions are the amazing Pakistani city of Peshawar market and the incredible, amazing and accessible irregular mountain landscape in the north end. Few travelers venture to Pakistan - up seems to have become a dirty word within the circuit rating. A bad image of the media, the tension with India, terrorism, earthquakes, poverty ... it is very clear why so many have left, particularly India and Nepal so close.
The main and most prominent feature of Pakistan's Karakoram Highway (KKH), not through the Karakoram Pass, nor is it something close to a road. This incredibly useful way is the only reliable way overland between China and the subcontinent. Originating in Islamabad and ending in Kashgar, China, the KKH is something every traveler should aspire to see.
Baltoro Glacier and Karakorum range from Broad Peak summit (8.047 m), Pakistan
The rest of Pakistan is not all a dream. Lahore and Islamabad area directly below can be loosely compared to India, and are not of great interest. Further south, the tone of the country changes. The ancient wonders can be difficult to appreciate and heat is oppressive as the country and people begin to change. Islamic tones are stronger and cities like Karachi are inherently violent and are not a place for backpackers. If you are thinking of risk through this part of the country (ie, going to or from Iran), security is a problem, but it is very feasible to do and a day / night in Quetta will be interesting.

Tribe people

The KKH, particularly at a slow pace (cycling, for example), this area is relatively quiet and safe. Karimabad around and Passu are impressive. Peshawar and a trip through the Khyber Pass (although it is far from a relaxing experience). The valley of Swat (when safe), Hindu Kush and the only culturally, Kalash Valley. Any walk and people. The closing ceremony of the Wagah border with India near Lahore. Islamabad to be a simple introduction to the sub-continent.Good transportation system, and private transportation at a reasonable price available when needed.
• Negatives
Pollution Southern, Lahore (despite its interesting historical monuments) and theft problems. The southwest is an inhospitable desert. Security issues and constantly changing situation that has to be observed and studied in planning the trip. The stability of the KKH - landslides and snow that closed this route for many months.

Old Mosque in Lahore
• Strategy Visa
Almost all nationalities require a visa. If China comes from Hong Kong for one or Beijing, there are none available in Kashgar, or at the border. Visas are also available in India and Iran. Many choose to get them in his hometown.Costs vary: A multiple entry visa is highly recommended, a little more expensive, but no problems - allow travel to the two gems that are Kashgar and the road to there (China) and Amritsar (India). Normally they are valid for four to six months.Extensions are available only in Islamabad and take time (wait a whole day) and some problems.
• Typical Tourist Routes
Lahore - Islamabad - Karimabad ... continuing to the border and Kashgar in China. Peshawar (the Khyber Pass), Chitral and Kalash Valley also have many trips, but in real terms, few get there. The resort is Karimabad Pakistan and the only place you'll see many Westerners.
• Cost
You can make cheap travel less than $ 15 a day. US $ 25 allow a good level of comfort. Comparable to India, is a slightly better value.
• Money
Along the KKH cash is king. Foreign currencies can be changed in some cities along the KKH, but do not expect anything from banks and ATMs. ATMs are plentiful in major cities like Islamabad, Peshawar and Lahore, but international need a little searching. Citibank, Standard Charter and AMB AMRO-are your best bets to try to locate. Just ask in a hotel for the location of one or try a taxi driver. CitiBank and Standard Charter are on the Visa Plus network; AMB AMRO is in Cirrus.These banks are the best option to cash travelers checks, but Pakistani banks will do it for you with the discomforts. Some mid - range hotels and travel agencies accept credit cards, but the offices of airlines, such as Southwest China and PIA want Rupees (or dollars). If you head north and plans to hire a jeep or get a flight, carry a lot of cash. The Euros and USDS are changed just as well. When paying large transactions or USDS Euros are welcome. 

• What to bring: north, depending on the time of year, bring warm clothes and decent shoes.
• Hot / Cold, wet and dry
The best time to visit the lowlands is from late October to February. Wait a few nice dry days, but some cold nights. In March, the heat declines: the end of June comes the rain. In the area of Karakoram it is not necessary to worry about the rain because there is not much, but if you at any time between June and August (high season), going to be cold. During the spring (March-May) and autumn (September to November) it is warm in the sun, but cold in the shade: the nights are freezing. Actually it is good, the mountains are additional snowfall and almost no tourists.Just take a good wool. In mid-winter the sun is bearable, but the air is cold all day. It is likely to be snow and the move to China will be closed by snow. Around mid-October the number of tourists decreases, the leaves change color, apple / apricots are ready - just magnificent. By far the most popular season is in the summer months of July / August. The temperature is warm during the day and mild at night. This is the peak season and the best time for a walk and a night in a tent is not as cold. Hotels / flights are full, however, in the winter months many close.
• Environment: 
As you might expect in a country the size and geographical location of Pakistan, locals come in many flavors and shapes. Afghans are easy to see around Peshawar. To the north there is a great mix of ethnic groups through the KKH is not uncommon to find neighboring cities speaking different languages, many of which are not even considered as Pakistanis. Generally speaking Pakistanis are extremely friendly and welcoming. As a rule, people in large cities will be less pleasant. Lahore, for example, has anything like the trouble that can be found in India, but as heads north along the KKH becomes more friendly with some ethnic groups around Passu and Sust that will be very welcoming for travelers. And, of course, in many sensitive religious areas of the country, if you want to be treated with respect and be welcomed, you should appropriately and conservatively dressed - both men and women.
• Accommodation
Lots of room in most cities. Along the KKH almost any town on the right track will have a cheap guest house. There are always cheap and very cheap options. On the tourist route in the north you can expect some mid - range options excellent value. Travel a little off season for great savings. Similarly, in places like Swat, prices rise much in the summer. There are plenty of places to camp, but why you would so abundant and cheap options? Many places have rustic cottages that are owned by the Forestry Commission. Wait spectacular set in gardens and places to spend the night in the KKH views. Pensions usually have lots of blankets, but in midwinter a sleeping bag is useful. In big cities is the callous normal rate. If you trekking long distances you will need a tent (which can usually be arranged locally - is easy to solve in the main areas of trekking in KKH), plus lots of walks during the day if you are in good physical condition. 
- hot water: you get what you pay for , and in the cheap rooms do not expect hot water. In good (still cheap) accommodation in the tourist area, the hot water is not a problem. 
- Average Cost: US $ 10-15. It is easy to find rooms in the middle of this. Great quality / value in many places, if the price is doubled.
• Media:
- Books: find a pretty good selection of western fiction and guide books in Karimabad and an excellent selection in Islamabad, including international journals and maps. In Islamabad, the best book stores are located in the area known as F9. It is worth noting that there is a good job of second - hand books on the border with India. It is small, but will have some reasonable readings and guides to India, China, Nepal, Iran and beyond. There are many great books on mountaineering in Pakistan (especially on K2) and any reading of "The Great Game" is worthwhile and interesting.Recommended: The Great Game: On Secret Service in Asia by Peter Hopkirk 
- TV: The hotels most expensive mid - range (say, above US $ 20) will have satellite television with at least some international channels like BBC World, AXN and Star Sports (showing live matches / games).
• Communications
In the KKH, Karimabad has few Internet sites, but do not expect to find many or any other. In the big cities of the mountains there are plenty of places that are much easier to find and faster in cities like Islamabad (with its fair share of Western) than in cities like Peshawar. International calls are easy from any little store called and are not too expensive.
• Food
Pretty good food readily available in most of the people who see a small stream of tourists. Many hotels have good restaurants. Lentils and bread are standard options. There is a large selection in cities like Islamabad. Apart from this, international food is hard to find. 
- Vegetarians: Many dishes include meat like lamb. Fish is rare. Vegetables are rare, but usually one on each menu, although it is usually Dhal.

Eating food at roadside dhabas
Meat is popular
• Language
As in India, English is widely spoken, making travel much easier.
• Health
Food poisoning does not seem to be the problem may be in India. The altitude can have an effect on some travelers.
• Difficulties and hassle factor
It's nothing compared to India. Expect some mild discomfort and a million 'hello, how are you?' in cities such as Peshawar and Lahore. In addition to a few invitations strange shop owner ... but everything is very low profile. Pakistan is very un-problematic (similar to Kerala). Note that women often have separate stations bus and train lines, making life even easier. 
- Solo Women: Not a perfect situation, but not impossible. Wait to be under constant curiosity and, as in India, attract some unwanted attention. Pakistani women rarely travel alone. Things are much easier in the area of the KKH. In cities like Peshawar, which is on the border with Afghanistan, though not 100% necessary, a light scarf covering her shoulders and ready to cover your hair when necessary (dupatta) and similar to a top light cotton tunic ( shalwar kamiz-) and loose fitting to hide the bust and hips / butt, will make life much easier, they are highly recommended, they are easy to get into a store and will give much higher levels of respect.

Celebrating Diwali - Festival of Light

Diwali (also Divali, Deepavali or Deepawali) is a religious festival also known as the "festival of lights" celebrating members of various religions in India such as Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism and Jainism.

The festival marks the homecoming of Hindu god Rama of Ayodhya after 14 years of exile in the forest after his victory over Ravana, and signifies the victory of good over evil, light over darkness.

The festival takes place on the fifteenth day of the dark fortnight of Kārttika (October 21 to November 18), and can last four or five days. Commemorates the death of demon Narakasura at the hands of Krishna and the release of sixteen thousand maidens he had imprisoned. also celebrates the return to the city of Ayodhya Prince Rama after his victory over Ravana, the demon king. According to legend, the inhabitants of the city filled the walls and rooftops with lamps that Rāma could easily find the way. Hence the tradition of lighting multitude of lights during the night began.

During Diwali, homes are thoroughly cleaned and windows are opened to welcome Lakshmi, the Hindu goddess of fortune, and for this, candles and lamps are lit to greet her. Gifts are exchanged and festive meals are prepared, and the celebration has the same meaning for Hindus as Christmas for Christians.

Due to the large amount of regions that make up India, there are different manifestations of the Diwali festival. At least in one area, the festival begins with Dhanteras, a day dedicated to worship Laksmi. In Hindu culture, wealth is not seen as a corrupting power; on the contrary, it is considered that a rich person has been awarded for the good deeds of his past life.

The second day of the festival, is worshiped Kali, the goddess of strength. On this day focuses on abolishing laziness and evil is also made.

The third day (the last day of the year on the lunar calendar), lamps are lit and glowing in every home. The lamp symbolizes knowledge and promote reflection on the purpose of each day of the festival. The goal is to remember the purpose throughout the year.

The fourth day of Diwali falls on the first day of the Lunar New Year. At that time, they close the old business accounts and open new books. It pays to worship these books at a special ceremony and participants are encouraged to remove anger, hatred and envy of their lives.

On the last day of the festival (Balipratipada) is reminiscent of Bali, an ancient Hindu king. Bali destroyed the centuries old philosophies; however, in addition to this reform, we are reminded to Bali for being a generous person. The aim of this day is to see the good in others, including enemies.

Navratra: Begining of new Life.

The Navaratri, also known as Dasara, is a Hindu festival of worship. The word Navaratri literally means "nine nights". For nine nights and ten days, nine forms of worship Shakti (metaphor for the female goddess Durga).
The Navaratri is usually held in Devi temples with special offerings and reciting the Mahatmya Devi.

The beginning of summer and the beginning of winter are two very important moments where there is a connection between climate and solar influence. These two moments have been used as an opportunity to worship the Divine Mother. The exact date of the festivals are determined by the lunar calendar.

Dasaharara, means "ten days", and is known in popular language as Dasara. The Navaratri festival, or the festival of nine days, becomes a ten-day festival with the addition of the last day, Vijaya-Dasami. During these ten days Mahisasura-mardini mother is worshiped with fervor and devotion.

The Dasara festival is held on the occasion of Navaratri, on this holy day and the triumph of good over evil is celebrated. The way to be held can be done forms such as worship the goddess Chamundeshwari (Durga) or multicolored display thumbnails during the day "bombe Habba" in Kannada.
There is a legend related to the display of thumbnails known as Golu (pronounced Kolu in some regions).

Since goddess Durga needed a lot of power, all the gods and goddesses transferred their powers to the goddess and these powers remain still as thumbnails. To respect the sacrifice they made these divinities, Hindus revere these miniatures that have the form of divinities.

In Tamil Nadu is a custom display Golu. Here figurines placed on 7, 9 or 11 rows. Usually when people visit a person to his house to see the Golu, carrying a small bag of gifts.

These are offered only to girls and married women.During the afternoon some small lights that are decorated and some are sung hymns and shlokas will turn on. After that prepares some food offered to the goddess.
It is common practice to have some made of wood. In addition a figure of a boy and a girl together is included.

On the ninth day (Saraswati Puja) special offerings to the goddess Saraswati are made, the goddess of wisdom and understanding. They are left as offerings books and musical instruments and are worshiped as sources of knowledge.

The tenth day (Vijayadasami) is the day that commemorates that evil was eventually destroyed for good. This marks a new and prosperous start. And it is believed that new projects starting that day will flourish and prosperity.

Children usually start their education on that day. During the afternoon of Vijayadasami, some of Golu dolls are placed symbolically to sleep and Kalasam moves slightly northward to mark the end of the holiday. Prayers are offered to give thanks to God for the success of Golu that year and hoping to be good next year. Then the Golu is collected and stored until next year.

Golu sitting in the middle

The last in Mysore, the day of Vijaya Dashami, there is a tradition of holding a grand procession through the streets of the city with the goddess Chamundeshwari mounted on a Ambaari gold (elephant seat). For many centuries, this fact and the ten-day festival have been very important in the kingdom of Mysore. Many cultural events are held in the main palace of the region.

During the post-independence period, the provincial government of Karnataka has recovered the tradition and continues to celebrate each year.

Traditions of Navaratri

There are five Navaratris dedicated to the worship of Sakthi. Of these, only three are held still.
  • Sharad Navaratri. This Navaratri is celebrated during Sharad Ruthu (early winter between September and October). It is known as Maha Navaratri. It is a festivale that can be seen in most parts of India, but especially in the east and south. In the south usually see this celebration as a commemoration of the violent death of Bandasura.
  • Vasantha Navaratri. It is celebrated during Vasantha Ruthu (early summer between March and April). This Navaratri is celebrated mainly in the north of the country.
  • Ashada Navaratri. This Navaratri is especially important for Upasakas Varahi, and is held between July and August. In Himachal Pradesh Guhya it called Navaratri.


In Gujarat, the festival is extremely religious. It is actually performed with great devotion in the various temples there dedicated to Mother or Mataji as familiarly called. In some homes have the image of the goddess which is worshiped, and temples are visited by many people from morning till night.

An interesting feature of Navaratri is the "garba". The garba is a circular dance performed by women and men dancing around a container filled with water mud called panache. Within the fruit of betel container and a silver coin is introduced. The dance, which is rhythmic and regular initially accompanied by a singer, a drum and a brass band. Today speakers use to go increased the volume of the music to reach the peak time, when dance becomes livelier stopping suddenly at the end is. Then there is a small break and the show begins again.

Another feature is the Navaratri dance dandya-ras or "dance clubs". Here men and women dance in a circle carrying in their hands wooden sticks or plastic are called dandyas. Intoxicated by speed rate, men and women beat together the dandyas offering a very jovial atmosphere.

Due to the popularity of these dances, competitions both garba dance and the dandya-ras are made. Usually a jury which pays the group that had better danced. The costumes of the dancers are full of colorful traditional costumes. And usually start at night lasting until the next morning.